All Medical UnitsCardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit

The Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit covers the period of time after the operation till the patient with decreased life functions go to his room and the treatment applied during that time.

In the Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, we aim to provide the best quality service to our patients who have undergone cardiovascular surgery and to ensure that they maintain their vital functions and discharge them healthfully from the hospital in the shortest time possible.

In the intensive care process which is as vital as surgery, the patients are followed by the expert doctors for 24 hours a day, and undergo a comfortable intensive care process with a pain treatment plan prepared according to scientific data.

the intensive care process is reduced to the shortest time with the treatment plan implemented by a team consisting of cardiovascular surgeons, anesthesiologist, specially-trained intensive care nurses and physiotherapists and  the fastest, highest-quality and most dedicated services are offered.