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Nutrition and Dietetic

Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to ensure growth and development, and to protect the health.

In the Department of Nutrition and Dietetic, personalized diet programs and nutrition training services offered to our patients. Besides, our dietitians do not only render service for appropriate nutrition programs, weight loss and gain, but also in the area of diabetes.

The nutrition programs prepared according to physical and personal characteristics of the patients help them to reach the weight they desire.

Special inpatient diet programs are scheduled and implemented on a regular basis for the inpatients, based on their disorders, throughout their hospitalization, and proper nutritional trainings are offered.

Diabetic Diet

The treatment of diabetes which is the most frequent disease in this age is based on the diet treatment. It is aimed to delay and inhibit the occurrence of common diabetic complications and increase the quality of life. In our clinic, personalized nutrition therapy, training and follow-up services are offered for the patients with diabetes.

Pregnancy Diet

In pregnancy, changes occur on the normal metabolism of women due to the fetal growth.  In the pregnancy period, the nutrition is the most important aspect in human life. The idea that the pregnant women must have meal two times more is based on this. In fact, the excessive nutrition in the pregnancy period results in harm as much as the poor nutrition.

The pregnancy period is a period in which the need of daily calorie, liquid, protein, vitamins, minerals and basic and essential elements is increased. Ideal nutrition in pregnancy is that all of general nutrients are consumed adequately and regularly. Essential nutrients should be consumed at a certain amount each day, except for foods with high sugar and fat content.

Different amounts of iron, folic acid, sodium (salt) and sugar are needed during the pregnancy period. Almost every day, milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, chicken or fish, legumes, cheese, fibrous green vegetables, grains, oil and other vegetables and fruits should be consumed to meet these needs.


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