About Us

Our group which attaches a great importance to the patient satisfaction, respects infinitely for the patient rights, owns a medical team consisting of expert physicians, provides its services to our public with its education personnel has reached these standards as a result of a toilful and decisive march including many self-sacrifices with a history worth to be listened and reviewed.

Our journey began on Cakmak Quarter, Bagcı Street in 1988 with a stethoscope, a microscope, an examination couch and two general practitioners. This was transformed to a structure, which provides service to more people under suitable conditions in a larger and accessible location on Alemdag Street, with an X-ray unit, an ultrasonography, a dental unit, a laboratory and internal medicine and pediatric specialists.

This tempo we gained never led to laziness for us; thereafter it gained acceleration every day with a new enthusiasm, new excitement, and new energy until we opened the doors of our first hospital with the bed capacity of 22 near Cakmak Bridge on 19 December 1994.

In our new service environment, we continued our efforts by appreciating the value of even a second for the public health without any distinction of religion, language or race and, on the other hand, tried to develop, evolve and reach the modern-world norms and standards with regards to the technology and information.

The efforts we made with enthusiasm exceeded the limits of building and therefore the land facilities were maximized and the area of utilization was increased by 50%.
The necessity of a dialysis center has been brought to our agenda due to the increased demands, the applications made by the patients, the increase in dialysis patients in need of help, the fact that the patients in the surrounding neighborhood were receiving the treatment at distant locations. A dialysis center, which located independently in a bright space in our Block C which was built between the years of 1998 and 2000, has been providing service since 2002 with its modern infrastructure and transportation facilities was included in our service range.

Ever-changing and developing medical device technologies and our efforts to bring all the innovations and conveniences together with our public simultaneously to the world have brought us to the fact that we do not fit into the existing building.

With our determination to enlarge and grow, the consolidation, transformation, planning and construction of adjacent parcels were put on the agenda without delay and achieved by night and day works. As a result of three-year teamwork, our new modern and contemporary building on an area of 6000 m² which brings the aesthetics and elegancy together based on the tradition and the future, and is convenient for any kind of medical development and innovation and capable of providing all kinds of services with a smart building technology was completed and taken into service on 10 August 2003 with the participation of the Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The first building, which was completed in 1994 and reconstructed in 1998, was far behind our standards and understanding of service. Therefore, despite a short life span of 8 years, the necessity of its renovation arose and it was radically adopted to be demolished. After toilsome, day and night works, it was reconstructed on an area of 3500 m² with a smart building technology conforming to standards and included in our service range.

In the meantime, we continued our efforts for development, growth and renewal. The construction of a dialysis center, which was previously planned to be hospital, was completed in May 2009 on the border of Uskudar-Umraniye. In October 2009, Camlıca Erdem Hospital was brought into service. These services were actualized with the participation of our prime minister in a magnificent opening ceremony.