About Us

Erdem Group has been successfully providing its services in the health and education sector since 1988. Giving importance to patient satisfaction, going beyond the limits in services and providing healthcare services with an understanding that respects patient rights, Erdem Hospital Group has three hospitals, two dialysis centers, a medical center and an oral and dental health center. Erdem Group, which is rapidly rising and developing in the health sector, entered the education sector in 2011 and operates with kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, Anatolian high school, Anatolian health vocational high school and software high school with its experienced education staff in this field.

Erdem Group started to serve in the healthcare sector with a small polyclinic next to the Çakmak Bridge in 1988, later by expanding this area, it established Çakmak Erdem Hospital in 1994, providing services in 7 departments with 40 employees and a bed capacity for 22 patients. The hospital, which was rebuilt in accordance with the technological infrastructure in 2003 in order to better meet the demands of the people, continues to provide health services in a closed area of ​​10.000 m² with hundreds of employees in all departments and 124 bed capacity.

By continuous developing, growing and renewing works on the Üsküdar-Ümraniye border, and Çamlıca Erdem Hospital was opened in October, 2009.

Çamlıca Erdem Hospital is built on a 6000 m² closed area, with a capacity of 77 beds and serving with specialist and experienced physicians in 23 departments. Located in one of the most central areas of the Anatolian side, the hospital meets the health needs of the surrounding districts.

In 2015, Güneşli Erdem Hospital was opened to serve patients on the European side of İstanbul. The hospital, which has a closed area of 20,000 m², offers a comfortable environment to patients and their companions with its 150 bed capacity, patient rooms and suites, which have been designed considering all kinds of the needs of patients.

Erdem Group constantly follows the changing and developing medical device technologies and works to introduce all innovations and conveniences with the patients at the same time with the world. It aims to incorporate internationally accepted standards, methods and practices and provide them to its patients. In this context, the group, which continues its investments in the field of health, plans to deliver qualified health services to a wider populations with its new hospital which is planned to be opened in Istanbul, Başakşehir in the coming years.