Bone Densitometry


Bone Scintigraphy

Bone Scintigraphy is a nuclear medicine method that is used in the treatment of bone-related diseases such as tumors, metastasis, infection, fracture, implant loosening, implant infection and sports injuries.

How is the Bone Scintigraphy Test Applied?

A radioactive agent that has the property of bone uptake  is administered intravenously. Two different scans can be performed as 3-phase scan and whole body scan. In 3-phase scan, the scan is performed to see the blood supply of a certain area after the administration of the radioactive agent. In addition, late images are taken 2-3 hours later. In the whole body scan, the whole body is scanned 2-3 hours after the intravenous agent administration. If necessary, a tomographic imaging called SPECT can also be performed. Scintigraphy scan takes approximately 30 minutes.

Test Preparation:

  • It would be useful if patients could bring their laboratory, x-ray, tomography, MRI, etc. examinations and epicrisis with them when going for bone scintigraphy.
  • No special preparation is required before scintigraphy. Drinking plenty of water during the waiting period for 2-3 hours after the administration of radioactive agent is important for the quality of images. 
  • Taking plenty of water and fluids after the test contributes to reducing the radiation dose.

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