False Facts About Botox

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False Facts About Botox25.12.2020

Botox Applications

Botox is a form of medical treatment that is used quite often for wrinkles. However, negative criticism about Botox   sometimes leads to a misunderstanding of the treatment. We can explain the false facts about Botox as follows:

Is Botox a kind of poison?

Botox is not a medicine obtained from snake venom as many people think, but from a bacterium called “Clostridium Botulinum” in a laboratory environment. It was first used by ophthalmologists for the treatment of strabismus and then its use became widespread after it was approved by the FDA for wrinkles on the skin.

Will I have a blank look on my face after Botox?

The blank look is usually a consequence of excessive application of Botox injection. Since an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon knows how much to apply to which muscle, the result will look natural and you will not look frozen. Botox should be applied carefully in a way that will reduce muscle activity but not reduce it completely. You should consult with a specialist physician for a better result. 

Will my face swell after Botox?

Again, swollen and exaggerated faces which are often seen on television celebrities, are associated with botox among the public. However, botox does not cause swelling on the face. This appearance is associated with filler or fat injections. 

Will my face be worse than before when the botox goes down?

When you do your Botox treatments at regular intervals, it will prevent your wrinkles from getting worse. If you decide to stop doing Botox, you will slowly lose the muscle relaxant effect of botox and wrinkles will continue to develop normally with facial movements. Botox does not accelerate the formation of wrinkles or worsen their appearance, Instead your wrinkles will return to a state where they were before you started treatment or even to a better condition in most people.

Are Botox injections painful?

Botox treatments are applied in a short time. Although the pain after the procedure varies depending on the pain threshold of the individual, it is usually felt at a very low level. Pain caused by injections is completely manageable because the needles are very thin, meaning you only feel a very slight pain during the injection. However, after applying numbing anesthetic cream, the procedure is almost painless.

Is the Botox effect permanent?

Botox is not permanent. Its results usually last between 3 months and 6 months. For this reason, it should be checked and repeated regularly. If you are satisfied with the effect and its effect is over, you can have Botox injection in the same area again.   

Is Botox used only for aesthetic purposes?

Botox has been approved for use to treat a number of medical conditions including strabismus, eyelid muscle spasm, chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, spasticity, and excessive armpit sweating. Botox is not used purely for cosmetic purposes. This means that when it is performed by competent people, the application should be trusted.

Is Botox harmful to muscles?

Botox is not harmful to muscles. On the contrary, it can recover excessive and involuntary muscle movements with regular botox injections. With regular and timely injections, the mimic muscles are kept in a certain discipline and after a few applications (which may vary according to the individual), your dose requirement may decrease.

Are the side effects of Botox permanent?

When Botox is not performed by experienced people, it can cause droopy eyelid , disturbances in eyebrow and facial symmetry.  However, all side effects of botox are temporary. No allergic reactions with Botox injection have been reported.  Statements such as "She lost her life and became disabled because of Botox" that we see from time to time in the media do not reflect the truth.