Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)08.09.2022

Smile Design

Although we are not aware of it, the first area we pay attention to when we first meet someone is their face, mouth and smile. For this reason, a beautiful smile is the easiest way to leave a positive impression on the other person. With smile design aka Hollywood smile aesthetic dental application, which is becoming increasingly common nowadays, many people can have a harmonious and white smile that they dream of.

What is Smile Design?

The secret of a beautiful smile is in addition to white teeth, the appearance of healthy gums and a proportional tooth arrangement. For those whose mouth structure is naturally not like this, who want a whiter and more aesthetic smile, a perfect smile is achieved by creating gum, tooth, lip harmony with the procedures we call smile design.

With the Hollywood smile, the tooth structure of the person is corrected with the help of porcelain crown and lamina, the disharmony between the gums and the tooth is removed with aesthetic procedures performed on the gums, and thus the person has an ideal smile.

When starting the smile design, first the face shape of the person is identified and the ideal form of teeth is determined. The smile that a person should have varies depending on many factors such as gender, age, facial features, and lips.

Which Procedures Are Performed for Smile Aesthetics?

Zirconium: In this procedure, the tooth surfaces are worn very slightly and laminated porcelain crown is applied to the front part. Zirconium crowning procedure allows correction of crooked, spaced, broken, small or yellow teeth that do not have an aesthetic appearance.

Since porcelain veneers can be performed in a short time and are a procedure in which minimal intervention is made to the dental tissue, they provide protection of the tooth structure. Unlike other crowns, they are not distinguished from natural teeth due to their light transmission feature and do not change color over time.

Teeth whitening: It is one of the most important steps of smile aesthetics. Because white teeth make the person's smile look healthier and aesthetic. An important issue to be considered in teeth whitening is the level of whiteness. Since excessively white teeth that look unnatural and artificial will not be aesthetic, the dentist and the patient should jointly decide on the level of whitening.

Implant treatment: Missing teeth are also a problem that prevents aesthetic smile. Therefore, a proportional and nice appearance is created with dental implants that will be replaced by missing teeth.

With the smile design, that is, the Hollywood smile, an even mouth bite, a half-moon or moon-shaped smile line is obtained. Thus, the person gets a more energetic and youthful appearance.

Prices for Smile Design

Prices for smile design are determined depending on the procedures to be performed. For detailed information, you can make an appointment in our oral and dental health department by calling our call center at 0850 222 04 94.