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Department of Oral and Dental Health

With its expert personnel and cutting-edge technology, Oral and Dental Health Clinic renders a meticulous, safe and quality service. In the clinic, services are available to both children and adults.

Procedures Performed in Dental Polyclinic
Maxillofacial Surgical Operations
•    Impacted tooth extraction (mucosa and bone retention)
•    Cyst treatments
•    Apical resection
- Implantation (Addition of missing teeth)
- Orthodontic Treatment (Correction of uneven teeth)
- Prosthetic Operations
•    Fixed dentures
- Empress - aesthetic restorations
- Zirconium - aesthetic restorations
- Metal-backed porcelains
- Laminate
Removable Dentures
•    Conventional total partial dentures
•    Precision attachment (sliding) dentures
- Conservative treatments (therapeutic and aesthetic composite fillings) 
- Endodontic treatment
•    Root canal treatment
•    Abscessed and cystic teeth treatment
Treatment of Periodontal Diseases
•    Periodontal diseases
•    Curettage
•    Flap surgery
•    Treatment of temporary and permanent teeth for children at the ages of 6-12.