Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

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The human body has an inseparable structure and system. There is a radical and solid interaction between the organs in this system. For this reason, the internal medicine is the medical specialty which the most comprehensive among other medical specialties.

The Department of Internal Medicine reviews the internal organ systems of individuals whose childhood period is ended. It provides the diagnostic and treatment services related to the functional disorders of the organs belonging to this system. In addition to this, every individual for whom it provides healthcare services is informed and directed about the measures to be taken for the protections against the diseases.

Many system diseases such as upper and lower respiratory diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal system diseases, kidney diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes, rheumatic diseases are included in this a wide range of scale.

In the Department of Internal Medicine, where the concept of time is very important, early and detailed diagnosis is of great importance. The expert physicians who work in our hospitals examine the patients in detail with the state-of-the-art equipment, and when required, detect the diagnosis through further examinations.

With its expert physicians, our hospital performs the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases for 7/24. In the hospital, we provide policlinic examinations, inpatient diagnosis, follow-up and treatments, emergency services, pre- and post-operative patient examinations, consultation services with other branches and check-up services with aim to provide the best service in the field of internal medicine.