Language and Speech Therapy

Language and Speech Therapy

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Language and speech are different from each other. Language is a system of common rules that people utilize to share their feelings and thoughts with each other. A language should not only refer to the spoken language; the use of symbols and writing are also referred to a language. Speech is a system in which the rules containing these feelings and thoughts are physically produced by means of the necessary organs.

What are language disorders?
- Delay in the development of ability to understand other people (perceptual impairment)
- Delay in the establishment of dialogue (impaired expression)
- Delay in the ability to speak about the situation in an appropriate manner (pragmatic impairment)

What are speech disorders?
Vocal misuse of voices, replacing a voice with another (boming instead of coming), subtracting a voice (arried instead of arrived), deforming a voice, using inappropriate voice tone, twangy voices, stammering (repeating words and/or syllables, hesitation in speech).

In the hospital, the specialists who have been trained in Europe provide the therapy and evaluation services to both adults and children in accordance with European standards.

Areas of Language and Speech Therapy

-    Language delay 
-    Articulation disorders or phonological disorders
-    Fluency disorders - Stuttering and Tachyphemia
-    Autism
-    Developmental disabilities
-    Down syndrome
-    Cleft lips/palates
-    Cerebral palsy
-    Difficulty in chewing and swallowing
-    Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria related to traumatic brain injuries
-    Difficulty in learning – Dyslexia, Disgraphy, Discalkuli
-    Attention deficit
-    Nodule, polyp
-    Hearing loss