Our Guests Living Abroad Can Get Covid-19 Vaccine Now

Our Guests Living Abroad Can Get Covid-19 Vaccine Now28.02.2022

Thanks to the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic and the widespread vaccination programs in our country, the number of cases is tried to be kept under control. Vaccination, in particular, is very important for the protection of public health and community immunity. People who are not vaccinated in the community poses a serious risk.

As Erdem Health Group, we have approached the issue sensitively and started to provide vaccination services for people who do not reside in our country and do not have a residence permit here. Our guests who have not been vaccinated for any reason in their own country can apply to Çakmak Erdem Hospital and get their Covid-19 vaccines.

For details, you can contact our call center at 0850 222 04 94.