Perineoplasty (Birthmark Aesthetics)

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Perineoplasty (Birthmark Aesthetics)25.09.2021

In women, the area between the anus and vagina is called the perineum. In an aesthetically ideal perineum area, there will be no birth suture scars and skin folds, but it will be flat and tense. However, deformities may occur in this region due to the incisions made during normal childbirth and physiological characteristics. With the procedure called perineoplasty surgery, the perineum area can have an ideal appearance.

What is Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty or perineum aesthetics is one of the types of aesthetics performed as part of vagina aesthetics. Perineoplasty is usually performed to correct the suture scars that occur in the perineum area after normal birth, to remove skin folds and wrinkles and to close the vaginal opening. The incisions made for the mother and the baby not to experience too much difficulty during the birth can cause a bad aesthetic appearance, ache and pain. In addition, tools that help with childbirth, such as vacuum used during childbirth, forceps, also cause the birth incision scar to be more apparent. This creates a bad aesthetic appearance and adversely affects sexual life. People having perineoplasty get rid of all these complaints.

Apart from this, this procedure is also applied to people who have not given birth but have folding, wrinkles and excess skin in the perineum area.  

For What Purpose Is Perineoplasty Performed?

It is performed for both medical reasons and aesthetic appearance purposes, such as correction of birth sutures, removal of vaginal opening. Perineoplasty surgery is also performed to remove the vaginal opening that causes recurrent vaginitis.

How is Perineoplasty Surgery Performed?

In perineoplasty surgery, the skin folds between the deformed vagina entrance and the anus are cut and the muscle tissue underneath is strengthened.  During perineoplasty surgery, aesthetic sutures are removed and tightened to correct the opening in the vagina. In this way, an aesthetically smoother appearance is achieved. At the same time, birth suture scars are repaired again and made more aesthetic. This procedure can be performed under epidural or general anesthesia; therefore, the patient does not feel pain or ache during the procedure. After perineoplasty surgery, recurrent vaginitis is prevented as a result of removing the vaginal opening as well as the aesthetic appearance.  For this reason, perineoplasty surgery is usually performed together with vagina tightening surgery. In addition, if necessary, the outer lips can be filled with labiaplasty.