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Dialysis Center

Çakmak and Çamlıca hospitals are among the private hospitals having dialysis departments. Dialysis centers of our healthcare group provide services within our Çakmak hospital and in a close location to Çamlıca hospital. We are providing a better and higher quality dialysis treatment to our patients every day with the experience we have gained in these centers since 2001.

In our dialysis centers, there is a central heating and cooling system and a separate central oxygen and aspirator system for each patient. There are fully automatically controlled patient beds for each patient in the rooms, and LCD television with individual headphones. Our dialysis centers offer a full staff, complete service with a consultant nephrologist, responsible specialist medical doctor (certified internal medicine and hemodialysis responsible specialist), doctor in charge of hemodialysis, head nurse, nurses and dietitian.

For the health problems of our patients other than dialysis, necessary diagnoses and treatments are carried out by specialist physicians in all other branches. In addition, our cardiovascular surgery team successfully performs catheter and vascular surgery (AV fistula operation and AV Graft artificial vessel) procedures for dialysis patients.

All kinds of analyzes and examinations that our patients should have monthly are done in our hospital timely. Besides, our patients can benefit from all other branches of our hospital in case of any emergency condition. In our intensive care unit, hemodialysis can be performed 24 hours a day.

Dialysis patients who receive treatment in our centers are not charged extra fees for departmental examinations. Patients’ routine drug reports are also issued from our hospital free of charge.

Our patients, who apply to our dialysis centers, are taken from their homes by private shuttle services and driven back to their homes after their treatment is completed.

  • You can get detailed information about our Çakmak Dialysis Center from 0850 222 04 94

  • You can get detailed information about our Çamlıca Dialysis Center from 0216 443 71 23