Missing Teeth Should Not Be Neglected

Missing Teeth Should Not Be Neglected18.06.2019

Missing Teeth Should Not Be Neglected

The most common cause of tooth loss is cavities. This is followed by diseases that cause a decrease in the amount of jawbone. An adult human has an average of 28-32 teeth. Each teeth group has different tasks.

The front teeth (incisor group) serve to cut and bite nutrients, the back teeth (molars) to chew food. The importance of molars, which we call back teeth, for a healthy nutrition and digestion is quite high. They make the nutrients small with their large surfaces and allow a comfortable digestion for the stomach. 

Eating habits are important for dental health. Foods such as yogurt, milk, cheese balance the acid-base ratio of in-mouth and at the same time make the teeth stronger with their calcium content, which is important for bone structure. Winter fruits containing vitamin C (oranges, tangerines, etc.) also strengthen the gums naturally. It accelerates the healing of wounds and canker sores formed in the mouth. Acidic drinks weaken the protective enamel layer of the teeth by lowering the pH value (5.5), which is important for dental health. It creates a favorable environment for cavities. Especially rinsing the in-mouth with water after those drinks and meals is beneficial for dental health. Fluoride also plays a role in strengthening the teeth. It is found in toothpastes and teeth become more resistant to cavities with 2 brushings for 2 minutes in the morning and evening during the day.

Replacing the missing teeth caused by tooth loss with new teeth is also important for the health of other teeth in the mouth. Opposite and adjacent teeth next to a tooth extracted from the mouth are also affected by this. The opposite teeth of the cavity can make an elongation movement from top to bottom.  As a result of this elongation, an opening occurs between the teeth next to it and gum problems can occur due to accumulation of food here. At the same time, since the contact of the opposite tooth surface with the extracted tooth is lost, the tooth cannot provide its own cleaning mechanically and plaque layer formation, gum disorders and cavities may occur on the chewing and side surfaces.

The primary and beneficial method in the treatment of missing teeth is implant and implant top teeth. By applying implants under dental prostheses also applied in completely toothless individuals, the prosthesis is prevented from coming out of the mouth and especially the lower dental prostheses from moving too much.

For a healthy life, we should pay attention to our oral health, which is closely related to other body systems, and we should not neglect the care of our teeth and gumsMissing Teeth Should Not Be Neglected!