Lose Weight without Surgery with Ingestible Gastric Balloon

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Lose Weight without Surgery with Ingestible Gastric Balloon12.07.2023

Ingestible Balloon

What is an ingestible gastric balloon?

Ingestible gastric balloon, also known as ellipse gastric balloon, is a new technology gastric balloon type that can be inserted into the stomach without the need for anesthesia and surgical procedures used in the treatment of obesity. Thanks to this balloon, weight can be lost quickly together with a diet. The working principle is the same as the other methods of gastric balloon. Thanks to ingestible gastric balloon, satiety can be achieved by eating less and thus weight loss is achieved. 

How to insert an ingestible gastric balloon?

The most important difference of the ingestible gastric balloon from the other gastric balloon method is that it can be applied without the requirement of endoscopy and anesthesia.  The balloon is in the form of a pill attached to a thin catheter (tube). After swallowing the balloon, it is checked with the help of X-rays to make sure that it is placed in the stomach. After making sure that it is well placed, the balloon is filled with a special liquid with the help of a catheter and the catheter is slowly pulled out. The balloon remains in the stomach for 4-6 months; thereafter it is spontaneously discharged from the body.


How much weight can people lose by using an ingestible gastric balloon?

In this method, which is performed without any surgical procedure, patients can lose up to 25 kilograms as long as they follow the recommendations of the doctor and dietician. The effect of the gastric balloon method passes more quickly compared to other obesity treatments. However, as long as this balloon remains in the patient's stomach, if she/he changes her/his eating habits with a dietitian and takes care to maintain it in afterwards, the weight lost will be permanent.

Advantages of Ingestible Gastric Balloon

  • Anesthesia is not used,
  • Endoscopy is not performed,
  • It does not require extra procedure, it is discharged from the body spontaneously,
  • Complication rate is very low.


In addition to these additional benefits are: It is not a surgical procedure, it does not require hospitalization and it is a quick procedure.


To whom can the ingestible gastric balloon be applied?

  • People with a body mass index of 25 and above,
  • People with type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and similar disorders due to overweight,
  • People who experience anesthesia problems,
  • People who are afraid of obesity surgery,
  • It can be applied to morbid obesity patients in order to reduce their risk before surgery.

Is ingestible gastric balloon harmful?

The harms of the ingestible gastric balloon are one of the issues that people are most curious about this procedure. Like any medical procedure, gastric balloon application also carries certain risks. Procedure-specific risks include effects from the endoscope, injuries to the esophagus or stomach. However, these are very rare.


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