Intensive Care Units

Intensive Care Units

General Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit is a department which ensures the patients stay alive with many different devices, many different medications and practices which support lives of the patients who are in danger of death due to any disease. Intensive Care units in our hospital are equipped with high-technology equipment.  In our units, the devices such as high-tech products, artificial respiration devices and monitors in which the vital functions are monitored are used as life-support systems. Besides, the medicines applied in this unit are very significant medications which are very powerful, far beyond the usual and familiar drugs, and it is vital that they are applied carefully. Under this responsibility, we have a team of physicians, nurses and other staff members who are specially trained and experienced in intensive care in order to ensure the complete care of the critical patients and to make them stay alive.

Patient groups who are treated in general intensive care units

  • Patients with heavy stomach bleeding
  • Severe respiratory deficiencies
  • Patients with sudden stroke
  • In sudden renal failure requiring emergency dialysis
  • Asthma patients
  • Acute exacerbation of COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease)
  • Coma caused by cerebral hemorrhage
  • Patients requiring close follow-up after major surgery
  • Severe respiratory failure
  • Patients with serious infection
  • Patients with the history of general body trauma (like head, chest, abdominal and extremity traumas)
  • Patients undergoing major surgery such as heart surgery
  • Patients with damage to many organs after the accident
  • Patients with nervous system disease (such as Myasthenia Gravis, Guillian Barre)
  • Poisonings that impair or are expected to impair vital functions

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Coronary Intensive Care Unit is a department in which the patients who have had heart attacks to stay for the first 2- 4 days following the attacks. The most dangerous period of a heart attack is the first 48- 72 hours. In this period, sudden cardiac arrest, severe heart failure may develop and result in death. Our coronary care unit is prepared to interfere with such events. In case of life-threatening condition, the precise intervention that will terminate this danger is carried out by our expert and experienced healthcare professionals. An expert team is on duty standing at the head of the patient for 24 hours;

General Surgical Intensive Care


Internal Medicine Intensive Care


Cardiovascular Intensive Care

Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit covers the period of time after the operation till the patient with decreased life functions go to his/her room and the treatment applied during that time.

In the Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, we aim to provide the best quality service to our patients who have undergone cardiovascular surgery and to ensure that they maintain their vital functions and discharge them healthfully from the hospital in the shortest time possible. In the intensive care process, which is as vital as surgery, the patients are followed by the expert doctors for 24 hours a day and undergo a comfortable intensive care process with a pain treatment plan prepared according to scientific data. The intensive care process is reduced to the shortest time with the treatment plan implemented by a team consisting of cardiovascular surgeons, anesthesiologist, specially trained intensive care nurses and physiotherapists, and the fastest, highest-quality and most dedicated services are offered.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Since its establishment, our hospital has been constantly improving its experienced healthcare staff and technical equipment in order to provide a modern level of service. In our hospitals serving in all health branches, we have a maternity service with an average of 500 births per month, as well as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where level I., II., and III. cares are provided for 24 hours. Our neonatal intensive care unit provides intensive care support to high-risk infants who have been delivered following the 25th gestational week. Every delivery process is accompanied by a child specialist and a baby nurse, each with NRP certificate. Open heated bed, aspirator, oxygen source and balloon-mask for resuscitation and other resuscitation materials are available. In our "baby-friendly" hospital, it is aimed to start the nourishment with breastfeeding for full-term newborns, premature infants and infants with congenital disorders. In the unit, the parents can visit their babies twice a day and the skin-to-skin care called kangaroo care is applied. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is very important for providing solutions to possible problems of premature babies. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which has a large consultant team is supported by the departments of pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics and radiology. Our unit accepts the infants referred from other hospitals. Premature infants or infants who need intensive care are transported to our hospital in a transport incubator.