Skin Care

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Skin Care

Each man and woman would like to look beautiful and have a beautiful skin. Everyone dreams of hiding their aging symptoms with a healthy and glowing skin. Wrinkles and sagging are less common in the healthy skin. However, make-up, air pollution, sun rays and other environmental conditions cause skin blemishes, acne, pimples, and excessive drying or lubrication, resulting in deterioration of the skin balance. The most important thing you need to do to prevent environmental damage to your skin is to keep your skin clean. It is very important for your skin health to make sure that your pores are clean and tight and that your moisture balance is maintained. Therefore, you must clean your skin daily. You can control your skin cleansing with cosmetic cleansing tonics, masks and creams. However, in addition to the superficial cleaning that you can do at home, it is very important to have deep cleansing by taking skin care treatments at certain periods.

How is Skin Care Made?

You need to apply to a clinic for undergoing a skin care. The methods you will apply at home will not be enough to clean your skin deeply. For this reason, it is very important to have your skin care according to the needs of your skin at the appropriate intervals. The first step in skin care procedures is the peeling application. Through the professional peeling process, your face is cleansed from dead skin and your pores are ready to be cleaned. Then, considering your skin problems, your skin is cleaned with products and equipment suitable for your skin type. Your pores, which are opened with steam or hot air baths, are deeply cleaned. Then the cleaning process is completed with a suitable cream or mask. Afterwards, moisturizers are applied according to your skin type while your pores are open. Moisture-balanced skin provides a healthier and younger appearance. After the moisturizing process, products and cold presses are applied to shrink the pores again. It will be beneficial for your skin to create your personal skin care ritual and to always proceed with the same system. Trying different techniques and methods each time can impair your skin health.

Different skin care and treatment methods will be applied for skin blemishes, intense acne and pimples, black spots, uneven skin tone, peeling and rashes or excessive lubrication. Therefore, your skin should be analyzed during your first skin care. In this way, the most suitable methods for you will be carefully chosen and a special period will be created for you.

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